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At KFF Brand, our talented perfumers draw from an extensive palette of raw materials to develop innovative and commercially successful fragrances which deliver the right olfactive signal for our client's brands. Our fragrances provide sensory pleasure to consumers across the globe whether it be an indulgent bathing moment or to reward a mundane cleaning task. KFF's fragrances are used in a variety of consumer products from fine fragrance to personal care to laundry detergents and room freshening ect...

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Our creative flavourists use their expertise and knowledge to create flavours which bring a unique taste sensation to foods and beverages With their passion and flair they tailor make each flavour to suit the specific requirements of the customer brief. KFF aims to fulfil the changing consumer taste demands by constantly observing the market and monitoring changes which help us to create innovative as well as commercial flavour profiles. We work closely with our customers to ensure technical flavour performance and stability and can supply our clients with flavour solutions in liquid, granulated, powder and encapsulated forms.

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KFF has a wealth of flavour and fragrance creative expertise along with an in-depth understanding of the industry. We are committed to developing your business and continue to meet new and existing customer needs. Our company's philosophy is based on a fine balance between creativity, technical expertise, service and price so that we can provide the best possible customer care.